1. Statistical Basis for Predicting Technological Progress: excellent paper on how easy is to forecast technological progress for some selected technologies (the main problem now being the identification of those technologies).
  2. Amdahl’s Law vs. Gustafson-Barsis’ Law: it contains an interesting insight on the impact of parallelization in relation to power consumption.
  3. Moore’s Law in Photonics: mass diffusion of photonics is nearer than anyone else could think of.
  4. Predicting the Path of Technological Innovation: this paper introduces a simple model that works quite well across markets.
  5. The Economics of Long-Term Digital Storage: comparison and forecast of the different storage technologies.

Cloud Deployment Manager is the first and only tool to automagically deploy Microsoft clouds from a diagram, with just the click of a button: it represents the cutting edge of DevOps research and innovation on the Windows platform.

It’s amazing what can be achieved to improve how systems are currently architected with the right tools and some code.

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