Cryptanalysis of RSA and it variants. It’s always fascinating how even a simple set of equations can give rise to some many cryptanalytic attacks, and just by looking for some corner cases: small public and private exponents, combined with the leakage of private parameters and instantiations sharing common modules or private exponents. To prevent these attacks, variants were also invented: like using the Chine Remainder Theorem during the decryption phase; or using modulus of special forms or multiple primes; plus choosing primes p and q of special forms or the dual instantiation of RSA. If I wouldn’t have read the hundreds of papers covering these topics, I would have loved to start with his book.

The Tangled Web. The web is the biggest kludge ever: a chaotic patchwork of technologies with security added as an afterthought. Understanding the details and motivation behind each security feature is no small feat whatsoever, an effort that can only be carried out by someone, like the author, well battled on exploiting them through the years. Reviewing the entire browser security model through its history it’s the only way to get a full understanding of how things have come to be the way they are, and this is the definitive guide to understand how complexity quickly builds up in security front when it’s not been planned since the beginning.


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